Monday, August 27, 2007

Centerpoint Taking Shape

Last weekend my wife and I spent some time out in Tempe. We looked around Tempe Marketplace and took in a movie at the new Harkins theatre. Quite a few shops are open and many more are moving in. This area will be a great resource for Tempe residences and I can't wait to see it when it's done.

After the show we had a late lunch at Monte's and asked the staff about the historic restaurant. According to the people I spoke with there will be some renovation and expansion of the original structure but none of the history or the artifacts will be removed. The history, the service and the food will always make Monti's a great destination for visitors and locals alike.

From there we took a driving tour around Mill Ave and checked up on the Centerpoint construction site. According to Lisa Greg of Avenue Communities the first tower has reached it's peak and the crane will be coming down, construction on tower two is moving fast and the project appears to be on schedule. I have attended one guided building tours in the past and learned a lot about how the project will come together. Lisa mentioned that some of the condos are in drywall stage and better show how the homes will look when they are done. Contact WeKnowUrban directly if you would like more information on Centerpoint Condominiums or would like to arrange a tour of the building and construction site, or if you would like a personal tour of the Tempe area in general.


Jim Jeffers said...

Are there any units in the centerpoint complex that would be an affordable price for a first time home buyer? I'm single so a small studio is fine. It seems the prices of these developments in Tempe are astronomically high as if I was looking at condos in San Diego, or Chicago.

What other highrises around the area would you consider for a first time home buy who's annual income is still under $60,000.

Mark said...

Jim J, there may be some options open to you in Tempe or other parts of the Phoenix metro area. No matter what, this is the best market to purchase we have seen in many years. Feel free to contact us throught the website contact button, or call me directly at 480-993-8653-Mark

shawn said...

Unless you can put down a large down payment. You are looking at around 300k for a studio. And don't forget the 100+ $/month HOA fee.

The market is falling and buying a premium loft space (higest cost per sq ft in the valley) is not the best investment right now. Phoenix is not land locked yet.

We-Know-Urban said...

Shawn, you're right that Phoenix is not land locked but Tempe Mill Avenue is the closest thing to "land locked" that the Valley has to offer. But that's beside the point; where do you think prices are going to end up and when do you think they'll bottom out?

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May I ask too if there any units in the centerpoint complex that would be an affordable price for a first time home buyer?

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