Sunday, May 06, 2007

CityNorth to create hip downtown feel

John Klutznick does not like to use the word "exclusive," but his company's new development in northeast Phoenix can hardly be expected to be anything but.

CityNorth, as the new development is called, is beginning to be built on 144 acres north of Loop 101 and west of 56th Street. It will adjoin Desert Ridge Marketplace. Klutznick says the development will bring a "downtown" vibe to north Phoenix, with walkable streets looking something like vibrant downtown cores should look like. He likens the ultimate idea to Oak Street in Chicago or Newberry Street in Boston.

Newberry Street refers to itself as Boston's Rodeo Drive - the street of exclusive shops in Beverly Hills.

Chicago's Oak Street, on the north side, also features high level stores like Kate Spade, Yves St. Laurent, Barneys New York and Lucky Brand Jeans.

The big difference between those developments and CityNorth is that the Phoenix project will be built, in phases, from the ground up.

It will feature shops, restaurants, hotels, department stores - even 1,500 residential units made up of condos, apartments and town homes.

A group of retail tenants, besides Nordstrom department store, which already has been identified, will be announced sometime next month, Klutznick said.

The first phase of the CityNorth project, a street of three- and four-story buildings with retail below, offices and apartments above, is expected to be open by fall 2008. Phase 1, the so-called High Street District, will feature almost 300,000 square feet each of office and retail, along with 250 apartments/condos.

Phase 2, featuring retail and mixed uses, will go south along 54th Street to a main plaza and boulevard.

It will feature Nordstrom, one of five department stores anticipated for the site. Phase 2 should be ready by fall 2009.

Michael Clancy
The Arizona Republic
May. 5, 2007 12:00 AM


Anonymous said...

I wonder how hip manufactured downtowns can really be. Kierland, for example, is certainly pleasant, but it doesn't have the organic feel of a real downtown area such as Downtown Phoenix, Mill Avenue in Tempe, or Old Town Scottsdale. Also, the restaurants announced for City North so far are chains, making the development seem a step away from real hipness.

Anonymous said...

My wonder comes from the fact that only 50 year old business men and silver spoon brats can afford these places. These are the kind of "hip" people I want to live around.....

Young pro's don't have the $$$ to buy a million dollar property just in case any real-estate agence are reading this.

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