Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What To Do With The Light Rail

A buddy of mine who lives in Crystal Point at 10th Street and Osborn recently asked me what the light rail will mean to him. A very valid question.

I told him that for him (like most of Phoenix) the light rail will do nothing for his commute (arguably THE primary reason for building the system) but will instead compliment his social life. As the Arizona Republic article states, $2 Billion dollars are being spent along the route. This will bring restaurants, coffee shops, book stores, clothing boutiques, bars, clubs and more. I imagine that my friend and his friends will drive the mile and a half from Crystal Point to the rail station at Central and Osborn, catch a train, and use it to go out and socialize/party. After a day or night of too much fun they'll return to the Osborn station and do something extremely difficult to do in Phoenix today: HAIL A CAB. I have to think that cabbies will hang out at rail stations hoping to pick up fares. He'll pick up his car the next morning and avoid any chance of getting a DUI.

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