Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Christina Vanoverbeke recently reported in the Tribune that some East Valley residents are turning to lofts and high rises instead of the sprawl that has dominated the Valley for decades. My sales agents and I specialize in finding homes for just such buyers. I sold a Hayden Ferry condo to a great couple who currently lives in Fountain Hills. He's an airline pilot and she works at ASU. They love the idea of trading in the long commute for spending time together in and around Tempe. Another couple relocating from the mid-west will be calling Hayden Ferry home in about twelve months. She too works for ASU and they want to live close to work and the wonderful community that Mill Avenue has cultivated. My wife and I live in a high rise condo near mid-town Phoenix and we love being minutes from Durants, Fez, Zest, Barrio Cafe and other fantastic restaurants. I'm telling you when that light rail is completed life is going to pop along that route!!!


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Stivel Velasquez said...

The Phoenix Condo in Clarendon Arlington Virginia (video tour) was completed in 2007.After two other Arlington Condos, including Zoso went "non-condo" there was speculation whether or not Phoenix would continue their condo project. march madness While they had 100+ units under contract, the risks were high. Subsequently they decided to go for it. And as expected, many people backed out of their contract (ask for details).

pedro velasquez said...

Last weekend my wife and I spent some time out in Tempe. We looked around Tempe Marketplace and took in a movie at the new Harkins theatre. Sportsbook Quite a few shops are open and many more are moving in. This area will be a great resource for Tempe residences and I can't wait to see it when it's done. After the show we had a late lunch at Monte's and asked the staff about the historic restaurant. According to the people I spoke with there will be some renovation and expansion of the original structure but none of the history or the artifacts will be removed. march madness The history, the service and the food will always make Monti's a great destination for visitors and locals alike.
From there we took a driving tour around Mill Ave and checked up on the Centerpoint construction site. According to Lisa Greg of Avenue Communities the first tower has reached it's peak and the crane will be coming down, construction on tower two is moving fast and the project appears to be on schedule. I have attended one guided building tours in the past and learned a lot about how the project will come together. Lisa mentioned that some of the condos are in drywall stage and better show how the homes will look when they are done. Contact WeKnowUrban directly if you would like more information on Centerpoint Condominiums or would like to arrange a tour of the building and construction site, or if you would like a

pedro velasquez said...

Reading, Sportsbook working on the computer and watching TV have become major migraine triggers for me. I’ve suspected a connection for a while, but had a revelation after not blogging for three months: One reason I feel better on vacation is that bet online I rarely read or use the computer when I’m away from home.
I tried to read a book on Sunday. My head hurt within 10 minutes. I had a full blown within 30 minutes. The migraine finally broke while I slept last night. Then I had to get on the computer this morning and it came right back. I am so frustrated and upset. march madness Finding a clear trigger implies a problem that can be fixed. I know my eyes have deteriorated since my last exam, so adjusting my prescription might be the solution. I have an eye exam tomorrow and hope we can make some progress. Without reading or using the computer, I have no idea what to do with my life.

kimberly sayer said...

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