Thursday, January 11, 2007

Palmaire Progress

Palmaire Condominiums at 1630 E. Georgia (just north of Camelback) is really coming along. Getting the building permits from the city took forever but it's finally making progress. I met with the owner yesterday and got further insight into the finishes that will be offered, including:

Either light or medium colored (I don't have the color names yet) bamboo floors in the living, dining, kitchen and hallways.

Ikea cabinets in the kitchen and baths. White will be the standard color but they'll offer two upgrade colors. Again, I don't know the name of the colors but I'll describe them as a medium maple and the other a dark chocolate (I was a sixteen crayon box kid so forgive me for not being better with colors :-) ).

The owner is still up in the air with the kitchen counter tops. Looks like the standard will be either a European style laminate and/or a light colored butcher block. He is looking into offering some nice slab granite as well.

Bathrooms will be mostly white tile with cool accent colors.

We expect to have finished models to show in about three weeks. I do have the Public Report so we can write contracts today. For those people who are nervous about signing a contract before they can see an example of the finishes, we're including "contingency" language in the contracts allowing the Buyer to cancel and receive a refund on the earnest money. If you haven't driven by this community yet you really should. It's fantastic. Yes, I'm biased so blog me me if you think I'm full of crap. For even more info go to W

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