Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The June 7, 2006, Property World article ( about Michael Peloquin and his investment opportunities left me wondering. If his developments Metro Lofts, McKinley Lofts, Compound Lofts and City Lofts are such a wonderful opportunity to make eight figure profits, how come he hasn't broken ground on a single one of them? Seems to me he missed the most recent Phoenix boom and is looking for someone to help him cut his losses. I hope I'm wrong and that he'll actually build the products, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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Anonymous said...

Peloquin is pathetic.
He let a lot of people think they HAD a loft reserved before, and during the boom. These people could have purchased elsewhere- but they reserved at Metro, thinking construction would start in a year, without locking a price... Had he been straight with everyone ahead of time (telling everyone he was not planning to build for another 4 years), many people would be enjoying the loft and appreciation from the unit they purchased elsewhere.
Peloquin is a waste of space if you ask me. Keep going for 50 stories! -And keep wasting everyone's time...