Friday, April 21, 2006

Phoenix Infill Loft Project Tour Reviewed - 4/20/06

The and Loft tour yesterday.....The and Loft tour yesterday was a great success. We had approximately 28 attendees ranging from architecture students to seasoned agents to folks looking to buy a personal residence. We spent about an hour and a half viewing and discussing such loft projects as BeadleView, Palm Lane Lofts, the proposed site of Evergreen 9, Willetta 9, Portland 38, Roosevelt 11, Artisan Village, 414 McKinley, 215 McKinley, Fontenelle House, PRD 845 and more.

We had a fairly active group and we discussed cost per foot and tried to compare the pros and cons of some of the projects to one another, we discussed any potential impact, either positive or negative, that the rising inventory of new high rises might have on the infill loft market, what's driving the infill loft market, who the typical buyer might be in comparison to a buyer for a high rise or mid rise condo etc.

Our next tour is scheduled for May 20th and will cover primarily high rises and lofts in the Camelback Corridor and Biltmore area. We will however also introduce the group to lower cost options as well. Hope to see you there! W

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